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ComTech offers a range of services:

1. Managed Engineering Services

ComTech has assembled a number of staffs that are experienced engineers and software developers that have been educated and worked in Europe and the USA. Our portfolio of clients and customers is a testament to the pedigree and caliber of our staff. Our staff have worked for the world’s largest telecom Operations; British Telecom and Orange Telecom in the UK, Nextel (Sprint), AT&T in the USA, and a number of Middle East countries like; Saudi STC, Bravo Telecom, and NewGen in Jordan.

ComTech is a multi-cultural company with over 90 professional experienced staff. We have acquired a broad knowledge base of many; equipment, devices, applications, interfaces, communications protocols and processes.

Our objective is to work to the same; standards, quality and integrity as that set by international operations and multinational companies. All projects that we undertake are subject to strict; quality control, time delivery, and budget limits to ensure that all projects that we undertake are fulfilled and delivered on-time and to agreed budget.

We have proven results delivering for over 60 mobile, microwave, wireless, and fixed networks design and implementations around the world. In addition, our management has an intimate knowledge of how both private and public business sectors that are operating in Iraq. Combining all the; technical, business and operational knowledge to provide an effective tool to ensure delivery of a complete end-to-end solution to our customers.

In addition to providing managed engineering services to mobile communications network operators, ComTech is a reseller of; network equipment, engineering hardware and measurement tools hardware, software and applications.

To ensure diversity we have partnered with telecom consulting companies in both the USA and the UK. We provided advice a number of American, British and Dutch owned companies on; technical, financial and business framework which enabled them to; obtain, build and operate telecom licenses in Iraq. We have entered into a partnership agreement with a consulting company to providing engineering services to the Iraqi regulator on implementing Mobile Number Portability in Iraq.

2. Network Planning Services

The aim of Network Planning Services is to design a network with optimum investment from the operator while meeting the desired network key performance indicators (KPIs). We do this by working closely with our customers and keeping in mind the best utilization of existing assets. Our hands on experience in designing networks in the most demanding environments along with our investment in state of the art tools, resources and processes is critical in delivering end to end results in planning.

ComTech also performs monthly data collection and optimization for major GSM network operator in Iraq. ComTech utilizes its own teams of engineers, technicians and drivers as well as its own vehicles that operate from its regional offices in the; North, Center, Mid-South and South of Iraq. The teams perform data collection using industry standard tools: TEMS mobile, TEMS Investigation software for collecting; coverage, interference, QoS KPIs, and call statistics for both voice and data every month. Analysis of the collected data is performed by ComTech experienced cellular engineers using; TEMS Investigation, TEMS Discovery and Actix tools. ComTech engineers also perform network optimization and provide the operators with monthly recommendations of the actions needed to optimize the Radio Access Network, Transmission Network, as well as the Core Network.

3. Site Installation, Commissioning and Integration

ComTech utilizes its experience within the telecommunications sector to provide Engineering Management Services to mobile communications operators and equipment vendors providing turnkey installation.

With the rollout of 3G services throughout Iraq and installation of 4G in the North of Iraq, ComTech has dedicated teams assigned to each client’s region to work closely with the customer and provide; installation, commissioning, and integration services for; BTS sites, antennas and cables. Other projects such as capacity upgrades of existing 2G networks, swaps of existing equipment and installation of microwave systems are integral part of ComTech activity.

We have an experienced team of engineers who are trained to install kit from the following vendors; Huawei Technologies (2G and3G), NEC (microwave and IP Transmission), and Alcatel/Lucent (LTE).

4. Benchmarking and Network QoS Assessment

ComTech performs Benchmarking and Network QoS Assessment of all mobile operators on quarterly basis for all 18 governorates of Iraq. The benchmarking criteria are chosen to compare the voice and data for the 2G and 2.5G networks of three GSM operators in Iraq. Quality of Service (QoS) encompasses one of the most important aspects that should be monitored in the GSM network. The quarterly report submitted consists of many and varied criteria of the key RAN, Core and transmission networks KPIs for voice and data.

The Quality of Service (QoS) encompasses one of the most important aspects that should be monitored in the GSM network. The QoS goals have to be shared throughout the service provider organization to make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the objectives and strategy in order to achieve the desired QoS level. The QoS consists of many and varied criteria. The criteria for the QoS do not stay constant throughout the life cycle of the network because the network itself grows with time. New networks have less tight QoS criteria whereas a mature network has to have solid criteria to meet. Below is an example of typical and basic QoS indicators and their criteria for a mature network:

  • Dependability (Network Availability)
  • Network Capability and Accessibility (Blocked call ratio)
  • Network Severability/Retain-ability (Dropped call rate)
  • Call Success Rate

Quality of Service and benchmarking assessment is done through a number of steps depending on the Operator’s requirements. Drive-testing provides a snapshot of the network performance, measuring mobile users’ perception provide an extensive 24 hours view of the network performance, network benchmarking provides a comparison of own network with different competitors’ under the same locations and conditions.

5. Network Optimization Services

The optimization process starts with pre-launch optimization and acceptance testing and will in principle be finalized when the network is handed over to operation.

During the pre-launch optimization, physical and logical parameters of the network are tuned based on drive testing the actual network in order to improve service performance and network performance.

The second part of the optimization process is in the operational phase and ensures that capacity, coverage and network parameters are maintained and adjusted according to traffic growth, changing services and changing requirements. This part involves evaluation of new technologies and network features as part of the long term optimization and it includes daily optimization and trouble shooting.

Network optimization requires vendor specific technology expertise, an end to end understanding of the network, and understanding of how networks and services interacts and experience with various engineering tools, drive test tools and monitoring systems.

ComTech expertise in both stages of optimization provides our clients with seamless services from start to finish.

6. Site Audit and Site Asset Management Services

Providing; site asset inventory, including BTS, transmission, and power installation will enable the network operators assess its assets and manage his upgrades efficiently and quickly. We also specialize in auditing site quality installation and implementation, verifying the antenna, cable, grounding, and power installations are maintained throughout the years of operation. ComTech’s also prepares and completes a database of the equipment deployed at each site, models and date of installation, and chronological upgrades of each site’s items.

7. Network Deployment Services

We are one of the few companies in the Middle East (Iraq) which are capable of taking end to end network deployment responsibility including commissioning and integration of state of the art Network Elements. This end to end capability is crucial in reducing interdependencies and delivering on time to market commitments. Our experienced teams are equipped with latest tools to deliver network KPIs in the most demanding of environments.

8. Network Operation Services

Network Operations is a wide domain including alarm monitoring, field operations, network upgrades (software and hardware) etc. The past experience of our teams in handling live network environments is crucial to ensure that operations are a seamless affair.

9. Web Based Application for the Oil Industry

ComTech Communications Technology developed a web based application which uses Oracle Database to manage the distribution of Gasoil to vehicles that are eligible for subsidized fuel program. The Oil Products Distribution Company (OPDC) in the Iraqi governorates of; Kirkuk, Mosul and Salahaldin successfully deployed the management system and in over 250 gas stations and around 100,000 vehicles.

10. Security Management and Monitoring

ComTech is currently working with Kirkuk Governorate to implement a project for the security of Kirkuk. Where ComTech supplies and installs RFID tags in all vehicles in Kirkuk to ensure that all suspect vehicles passing through the checkpoints and passing in the streets will be identified.

11. Domain Registry Services

ComTech was awarded a license to become an Accredited Registrar for Iraq top-level domain names (.IQ). ComTech provides domain registration, hosting, transfer and e mail services for individuals and businesses seeking on-line services. Currently ComTech provides registration of top-level and second level domain names .iq, com.iq, .net.iq, .org.iq, .info.iq, .biz.iq, .name.iq, .tv.iq, and .sch.iq. ComTech also provides domain building services, hosting services, email boxes, and many other web services to clients.

12. Wireless WiFi Mesh

ComTech has developed a wireless mesh Internet communications network to cover Sulaymania city in the north of Iraq. This will enable mobile customers with smartphones and portable tablets and laptops to access the internet on-the-move while they are moving or in vehicles. The system hardware, software, control, and billing was fully configured, implemented and operated by ComTech.

13. Partnership and Local Representation

ComTech has partnered with a number of European and American companies that are engaged to deliver projects in Iraq. ComTech has undergone rigorous selection and evaluation criteria by our international partners to ensure that we meet all technical and operational requirements that their own companies work to in Europe and the USA.

ComTech has a partnership agreement with Anam Technologies to install, commission the hardware and software of the SMS Anti-Spam for Asiacell network. In addition, ComTech has a long term agreement for the First Line Maintenance of the installed SMS Anti-Spam system.

The areas of expertise that ComTech has built its credibility is in; Communications Network Planning, wireless Network design, Mobile Network Performance Quality Audit, Competitive Network Performance Benchmarking, Network Quality of Service (QoS) Assessment, Telecom Business Planning, Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, network Roll-out and site implementing.

Another partnership with the UK based Company Wadaro Ltd. who specializes in providing customer perception assessment of the quality of the network. This is under evaluation for deployment by Asiacell and other operators.

14. Consulting Services

ComTech provides consulting services focused on telecom sector. With more than 100 man years of leadership level telecom experience in the management team combined with excellent execution skills in the organization, we are able to lead key initiatives like organizational transformation, operational excellence, market entry and growth strategy, outsourcing strategy, network improvement and managed services engagements. In addition to leading the strategy creation, our consulting initiatives as aimed at delivering the results by being a part of the execution team.

Our engineers have proven experience working on current and next generation of wireless technologies (TDMA, CDMA, GSM 2G, 3G, WiMAX, LTE, IDEN, and IBS).

15.Training Services

With this strong background and experience, ComTech also offers technical and managerial training on telecom networking technologies and management systems. We offer a wide array of courses on PSTN, Wireless, Mobile networks, Voice over IP (VoIP), 3G, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Femto-Cell Technologies and In-Building-Solution (IBS). Our expert team enables you to keep pace with the ever-changing technological trends through our result-oriented learning process.

16 Tools

ComTech has a full complement of hardware and software engineering tools that are the Standard used by the industry. To deliver the results to our customers we utilize TEMS Mobile (w995, Z750) hardware and TEMS Investigation v 13.1.7 measurement and analysis tools, Actix Analyzer for post processing, and MapInfo software tools. All tools, equipment and software are owned by ComTech and undergo continuous program of testing and calibration to maintain its accuracy and performance.

We also have a full complement of Nemo based hardware, scanners, and Nemo outdoor.


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