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1. Profile

ComTech was established in 2010 in response to the demand for communications services that existed in Iraq from both private and government sectors. The original purpose of establishing ComTech was to enable its owners in utilizing their extensive experience in; technical engineering, telecom business and telecom financing to provide technical services and engineering tools to both wired and wireless telecommunications operations and investors based outside Iraq who are looking to enter the Iraqi market.

We are a multi-cultural company with experience of over 90 professional engagements across 20 countries in 5 continents. We have acquired a broad knowledge base of many; equipment, devices, applications, interfaces, communications protocols and processes.

The areas of expertise that the company has built its credibility is in; Network Planning, Network design, Network Performance Quality Audit, Competitive Benchmarking, Network Quality of Service (QoS) Assessment, Telecom Business Planning, Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, network Roll-out and site implementing. We have proven results delivering for over 60 networks design and implementations around the world. In addition, our management has an intimate knowledge of how both private and public business sectors operating in Iraq. Combining all the; technical, business and operational knowledge to provide an effective tool to ensure delivery of a complete end-to-end solution to our customers.

In addition to mobile communications network services, ComTech is a reseller of Mobile Satellite and Internet Systems and Services. Since 2007 ComTech provided satellite communications systems and services not only for recreational viewers, but contracted with Government Agencies, Emergency Responders, Military, Corporations, Oil & Gas Companies, and private businesses to ensure remote communications and maintenance of business continuity. Our portfolio of services includes; installation and commissioning of Fixed Satellite Internet Ground Stations as well as Mobile Satellite Internet Systems for our clients. In addition, ComTech is a reseller of; wireless communications measurement equipment, engineering hardware tools, and analysis software applications to; telecommunications operators, infrastructure vendors and service companies in Iraq and the Middle East.

ComTech has over 100 employees many of them have worked for large communications corporations prior to joining our company. Our portfolio of clients and customers is a testament to the pedigree and caliber of our staff. Our staff have successfully delivered work to the world’s largest telecom Operations; British Telecom and Orange Telecom in the UK, Nextel (Sprint), AT&T in the USA, and a number of Middle East countries like; Saudi STC, Bravo Telecom, and NewGen in Jordan. To ensure diversity we have partnered with telecom consulting companies in both the USA and the UK. We provided advice a number of American, British and Dutch owned companies on; technical, financial and business framework which enabled them to; obtain, build and operate telecom licenses in Iraq.

In 2008, ComTech conducted a study of the performance of the mobile operations in Iraq and identified that the lack of service quality and performance reliability are major and important issues that needs to be addressed. The results of the study showed these problems were due to a shortage of local expertise in; planning, implementation, optimization and growth management of the network.

ComTech portfolio of services targeting major mobile operators and providing a full set of network services such as; planning, design, implementation, field measurement, network auditing, and performance optimization services, competitive benchmarking, and Auditing network Quality of Service (QoS). The range of experience includes Radio access Network, Core Switching network, Transmission, and Billing.

We offer assessment of network quality from both operational and customer experiences to enable the operators determine the opinions of the customers of their network performance and service quality. Our services included; field measurements, data collection and analysis, Network performance Parameter KPI collection, analysis of data and KPI parameters. We have dedicated engineering teams specializing in network Quality of Service benchmarking of competing networks, service level assessment, and customer satisfaction surveys. We provide network operators with vital monthly network health check reports, QoS reports, and detailed graphs of customer opinions of the service quality. Our value-add is the recommendations that we provide the operators to make the necessary changes to improve and optimize the performance of each subsystem in their network.

Since the formal establishment and registration of the Company in Iraq in 2007, ComTech has managed to enter into contracts with a number of prominent Mobile Network Operators, infrastructure and transmission equipment vendors. We also have provided the Iraqi government with advice and consultancy on strategy for the future of telecom in the areas of; optical fiber, fixed wireless communications and wired exchange expansion.

In addition to providing direct engineering services to our clients, we provide subcontracting work to equipment vendors, construction Companies and service implementation companies. The range of subcontracting work includes providing; field measurements, data collection, data analysis, and optimization of the performance of the mobile network. We also have dedicated teams to perform site installation and commissioning of; BTS sites, antennas and cables installations as well as site auditing and inventory management.

ComTech strategy is to expand its services portfolio in Iraq in a managed program to maintain its reputation as the best of breed, highest quality engineering and not to promise more than it can deliver. This strategy is built on our belief that ComTech can maintain its position and expand it through delivering high quality services consistently.

2. Who we are

ComTech Communications Technology is an Iraqi registered company based in the northern region of Iraq. It is based in the city of Sulaymania in the Region of Kurdistan, which enjoys relatively high level of security and stability as well as access to skills and resources that are not available in the rest of Iraq.

ComTech Communications Technology is one of Faruk Group of Companies (www.farukholding.com). It is dedicated to service the Telecom Sector’s Operating Companies in Iraq.

3. Faruk Group Holding (FGH)

FGH is comprised of twenty Two operational companies and 12,000 employees in eight the following major sectors; Telecommunication, Cement Industry, Medical Services, Construction, IT services, Hospitality, Automotive and Retail.

Faruk Group Holding was incorporated as a holding company, controlling the shares and companies owned by the Chairman of the Board, Faruk Mustafa Rasool. FGH has always been in the forefront of Iraq’s development and has constantly aligned business opportunity with the objective of helping surrounding Iraqi communities. This approach remains engraved in FGH’s culture. FGH is Iraq’ s largest and most respected private company, employing over 11,000 people .

The FGH family of companies shares a set of five core values: integrity, humanity, reliability, excellence and democratic principles. These values, which have been paramount to beliefs and convictions since FGH’s inception, continue to guide and drive all business decisions. Commitment to the adherence of universal business ethics a dedication to corporate responsibilities has earned FGH the trust of millions of stakeholders in measure that few companies in Iraq can match.

ComTech offers a range of services:
  1. Managed Engineering Services
  2. Network Planning Services
  3. Site Installation, Commissioning and Integration
  4. Benchmarking and Network QoS Assessment
  5. Network Optimization Services
  6. Site Audit and Site Asset Management Services
  7. Network Deployment Services
  8. Network Operation Services
  1. Web Based Application for the Oil Industry
  2. Security Management and Monitoring
  3. Domain Registry Services
  4. Wireless WiFi Mesh
  5. Partnership and Local Representation
  6. Consulting Services
  7. Training Services
  8. Tools

4. Knowledge of Operational Issues in Iraq

Compared to mature mobile communications markets, the Iraqi market is young and still in its infancy. There is an acute shortage of qualified engineers in the market and many of the engineers in Iraq are satisfied with working with the operators rather than working as freelance or joining subcontracting companies.

There are, however a large number of subcontracting companies that provide labor in Iraq but lack the “value add” that is most valuable to the customer. ComTech has decided not to enter the labor provisioning market but to stay in the; high quality, specialized, and professional segment of consulting services where the services offered are complementary to the clients’ engineering capabilities. Our observations have also showed that many subcontracting companies undertake more projects than they can handle, resulting in unfulfilled schedules and broken agreements.

ComTech policy is to use its own; qualified, trained, and professional staff. We do not hire temporary labor to fulfill long term contracts. This decision was deliberate and came as result of; lack of legal process in Iraq, difficulty in pursuing defaulting subcontracting companies. Furthermore, we are keen to protect our; IPRs, methodology and internal processes.

ComTech strategy is to use temporary contractors only in cases where we have a short term need of work on projects and supervised by our own staff until we hire and train our own staff.

ComTech is also near to signing contracts with other network operators and vendors to upgrade their current 2G and 2.5G networks to 3G technologies. ComTech has also upgraded its equipment and software to enable them perform all the; voice, video and data services for WCDMA technology.

ComTech experience for the past two years has shown that it can manage dealing with security checkpoints and situations. The drive test teams are automatically targeted by the security and military operations due to the large number of laptops, mobiles equipment, antennas, and GPS (GPS are banned in Iraq). Our knowledge of each situation and documents that are carried by our staff ensures that the security personnel are understanding and cooperative each time they meet our teams.

Iraq exercises over 60 days of religious and public holidays a year. Our knowledge of the Iraqi social and religious ceremonials where many parts of the cities are closed to vehicular traffic, our planning and preparation for such events makes us adapt at dealing with these events and maximizing our efficiency to completing the tasks without affecting out deadlines.

5. Staff and Office Organization

Currently ComTech employs 15 Technical Management staff, 60 technical Engineering staff, 10 sales and Business Development staff, and 25 Support and Administrative staff.

All ComTech engineers have minimum qualifications of a university degree in; Electrical, Communications, or Science. A number of our employees are currently being supported by ComTech to study for higher degrees (Masters and Doctorate) in the field of wireless communications in Iraqi Universities.

Our operational teams are organized and deployed in 5 locations (regions). In each team in our regional offices; we deploy a senior engineer, a support engineer, and a local administrative person. The regional office locations are chosen to ensure that the towns and cities where the work needs to be performed are within easy reach from that office.


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