Domain Registration

ComTech is a fully accredited registrar authorized by the Iraq Regulator (CMC) to provide registration services to public, businesses and institutes in Iraq. We will handle registration process as soon as we receive the paid fee and all documentations required for registering (.iq) domain name.

Domain registration with ComTech for Business or individual are very simple, you must complete domain registration application form. You can fill in the downloaded application form by typing registration information in the PDF application form then print and sign, after scanning make sure you email it together with required documentations to This is better option as hand written application may not be clear and may cause incorrect information recorded with your domain registration. Companies wishing to register domain for their business must also complete Contract Agreement form, this form available in Arabic and English. This form also can be filled in by typing the information directly in the form.

Based on the chosen domain name Standard or Golden the prices will be different, please note also there is price difference between registering from outside or from inside Iraq. Visit our domain pricing page for price listing.

We will send you confirmation email as soon as your domain registration complete, the registration usually take about 24 to 48 hours when all information and documents received.

We need you to provide us with your hosting DNS servers IP address if you have your own hosting company, this information supplied in PDF application form. ComTech hosting services is in windows environment (Plesk panel) with large number of extensions and application making it possible to host any type of web application with us. Customers without hosting services you can register your domain and send us your DNS details when hosing company chosen.

You should note that some names may be already reserved, we will contact you by email in that case and request that you submit an alternative domain name. To find the availability of domains use

To register a domain name with ComTech Communications Technology:

The following documentations required for registering (.iq) TLD names, please make sure you email us all required documents to

  • Scanned Domain Registration form
  • Scanned payment receipt
  • For Iraqi individuals scanned Iraqi National ID (Hawiys Ahwal Madaniya- هوية الاحوال المدنية)
  • For individuals of a foreign country: a scanned copy of passport picture page
  • For companies registered in Iraq scanned Iraqi company registration certificate (وثيقة تسجيل الشركة في العراق), also you need to signed and stamp the Contract Agreement form Arabic - English and Domain Registration Form
  • For foreign companies outside Iraq: a scanned copy of company’s registration certificate in the foreign country and a scanned copy of passport CEO of company, you need to signed and stamp the Contract Agreement Form Arabic - English and Domain Registration Form


Note: all payments should be net of all bank charge. All Bank Charges are paid by applicant.

  1. If you are inside Iraq pay into ComTech Communications Technology Account Number 1003902, deposit can be made at any branch of Bank of Baghdad.
  2. I you are oversize pay into ComTech Communications Technology account by wire transfer, see bellow for wire transfer.
  3. Company Name:
    Bank Address:
    Account No:
    Acc No:
    Routing #:

    ComTech Communications Technology Ltd.
    Bank of Baghdad.
    PO Box 3192, Alwya, Baghdad, Iraq.
    New York, NY USA.

Compliance and Policy

As part of your domain registration you are required to comply with CMC (Iraqi regulator) rules and requests.

Please read the PDF file explaining the rules and policy of domain registration:

Domain Name Registration

English - Arabic

Domain Name Renewal

English - Arabic

Procedures for the settlement of disputes

English - Arabic



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